So, It’s coming up on a year since I first became really active on tumblr, and the thing that brought me to it was “North & South.”  And since I’m still in love with the story as much as ever, I thought I’d do a little giveaway to commemorate it.


  • Thornton’s Mill tee shirt*
  • a copy of the N&S novel by Elizabeth Gaskell
  • a bag each of the Thornton & Margaret tea blends I made on Adagio
  • a mug and saucer with a quote from N&S**

ADDITIONALLY…I will send everyone who participates (and provides an address) a sealed teabag of my choosing.  Just a random cup of tea on me.  Just for being part of the N&S fandom.  :)


  • You must REBLOG this ONCE to enter.  
  • You do NOT have to be following me (but hello, if you love N&S we should totes be pals!)
  • IF YOU HAVE POSTED HATE/RANTS about the main characters and tagged it in the North and South thread, you’re not eligible.  (Sorry.  But then, why would you want this stuff anyway?)
  • Each prize is individual.  So there are multiple winners.  The first randomly drawn name gets to pick first, the second from what’s left, and so on.
  • Deadline is midnight (PST, ‘cos that’s where I live…) FEB 13th…because I thought it would be a nice Valentine’s gift for me to pick a winner on the 14th.  I personally don’t like V Day but….this will make me more excited for it.
  • I’d love to see a pic of you with your prize once you get it! :D

* I will order the shirt from zazzle’s once i have a winner…you tell me the size & your address, and I’ll have it shipped to you

** I actually have three of these mugs, but only one with a quote so far. I was thinking of doing the two other most famous quotes, ie “I’ve seen hell and it’s white…snow white”  and “coming home with me?”  but i could EASILY be persuaded to put a book quote instead.  So I could leave that up to the winners.

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    OKAY, SO. So far, the winners: 1) zeesmuse/teacup #1 (“look back, look back at me”) 2) delinquent cherry/ tee shirt 3)...
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